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Factory Authorized Electronics Repair

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(402) 423-8555

Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair

— High-Def TV Repair —

Big Screen Repair Specialists

Local Lincoln Pros

3100 O Street, STE 4

Lincoln, Nebraska


We've been doing business in and around the Lincoln area since 1993, specializing in televisions, monitors, HiFi stereo equipment.  We'd like to think we're making a meaningful contribution to a wider society.  My journey as an Electrical Engineering undergrad from U​NL has taken me to Rolm, Hughes Aircraft, and IBM, and to this, the next stage in my career trajectory.

     Service includes a free diagnostic and an accurate evaluation of the cost to repair versus current replacement cost.  ​Turnaround time is often same-day or following day.  We offer in-shop, in-home and over-the-phone tech support to assist with any problem you may be experiencing with your home electronics.​

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